Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 2016 1HaskellADay Problems and Solutions

  • March 31st, 2016: Today's #haskell problem is ♫ alone again, naturally 🎶 ... but it likes it that way #introverproblems 
    And the #haskell relinker-app is now integrated into the Top5s security scraper! TA-DAH! 

  • March 30th, 2016: Today's #haskell problem we look at what ... well: 'today' means in a #graph DaaS 
    The #haskell solution gets you 'today' as a complete package
  • March 29th, 2016: For today's #haskell problem we look to reify prior-trading-day knowledge as relations Enhanced inter-day #trading analytics in #haskell on a #graph DaaS (... in 6 lines of code.) 
  • March 25th, 2016: For today's #haskell problem we take the score cards we've created from the #graph DaaS endpoint and cluster them The #solution gives us K-means clustering of score cards! YAY!
  • March 24th, 2016: For today's #haskell problem we load our gap analyses into ScoreCards eventually for clustering using K-means. And today's #haskell solution we get ScoreCards from CSV file and from the #graph DaaS endpoint
  • March 23rd, 2016: Sing with me: ♫ Fall into the Gap 🎶 ... report for today's #haskell problem It took a 'little bit' of work but today's #haskell solution gives us a 'little bit' of meta-data
  • March 22nd, 2016: For today's #haskell problem we convert the JSON graph result into haskell structures LOLNEAT! Today's #haskell solution gives us a working dataset from a #graph DaaS endpoint Now, let's git bizzy!
  • March 21st, 2016: For this week's set of #haskell problems we're going to go against a #graph #database running on AWS! YIPPEE! Okay, String returned from AWS DaaS #graph as today's #haskell solution Tomorrow we'll look at parsing the JSON.
  • March 16th, 2016: So, you've heard of this thing called a 'compiler,' right? For today's #haskell problem we're building a REcompiler! Three #1Liner and an output file 1/3 the size later we have today's #haskell solution to the recompiler
  • March 15th, 2016: For today's #Haskell problem we're warned to Beware the Ides of SymbolTables ... but do we listen? Nooo! *stab-stab! So today's #haskell solution gives us a new static symbol-table That's great. The Show and Read definitions, though?
  • March 14th, 2016: Today, we transform the superabundantly quoted mess@neo4j gives us as a CSV export into ... well: CSV Okay, today's #haskell solution... did that, but we're missing some stock symbols ... we'll look at that 'tomorrow.'
  • March 11th, 2016: I hate the stodgy internet at work. Today's #haskell problem is to improve ScoreCard data type to use Ix-constrained values And today's #haskell solution gives us indices for the Array-god
  • March 9th, 2016: Today's #Haskell problem we're going to take it easy: just write a compiler, is all 😎 Today's #haskell solution: Compiler: get I didn't ask for this in the problem statement, but I also gave a Read-instance for types extracted via SymbolTable.
  • March 8th, 2016: For today's #haskell problem we are looking for securities with similar max-gaps in Markets top5s appearances Today's #haskell solution was a stop-gap measure for $NFLX ... eheh. 
  • March 7th, 2016: Today's #Haskell problem we look for scatterings of Afr- I MEANT $NFLX! in a sparse data set 
    Today's #haskell solution shows stocks with like-appearances to $NFLX on the Markets top 5s 
  • March 4th, 2016: 'Wuz gunna' do SPARQL query dump analysis but what is the SPARQL query? URL-UN-encoding for today's #haskell problem Today's #haskell solution shows 'punkin' is 'bettah' than RDF. Funny, that: the universal quantifier works, too.
  • March 3rd, 2016: Now, for something completely different for today's #haskell problem, parsing XML document of the US States with HXT "Parsing XML is Easy!" says @geophf for today's #haskell solution Yeah, but is parsing CSV easier? @geophf Yeah, but ...
  • March 2nd, 2016: UN-JSON-ifying that JSON, baybee! is on the menu for today's #haskell problem ('UN-JSON-ifying' is a word now) How many FromJSON instances was that? Dat iz one hella hint! in today's #haskell solution
  • March 1st, 2016: Okay, it's not all tea and crumpets coding in #haskell. But I wish it were. Today's #haskell problem: avoiding RDF. Today's #haskell solution showed me a fundamental truth: 1 HTTPS call is faster than 50 of them.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

February 2016: Haskell 1Liners

  • February 11th, 2015: rewrite
    \n -> mapM f (replicate 10 n)
    using replicateM instead
    where f :: Monad m => Int -> m a
    • Gautier DI FOLCO @gautier_difolco replicateM 10 . f