Saturday, July 12, 2014

1HaskellADay: Up, up, and away!

I've taken it upon myself to submit problems, then show the solutions, for @1HaskellADay. I started this work on July 1st, 2014. So the next set of entries serve to collect what I've done, both problems and solutions, and, if a particular day posed a particularly interesting problem, that I solved, or, that I didn't solve, I'll capture that here, too.


These days I'm looking at Graphs-as-... well, anything and looking at the Regressive Imagery Dictionary.

February 2016

  • February 12th, 2016: Today's #Haskell problem generalizes random strings to sequences of enumerated values http://lpaste.net/2086566589242540032, specifically Gene sequences Today's #haskell solution surely gives us a lot of nucleotides to consider! http://lpaste.net/2201413576650915840
  • February 11th, 2016: Writing random strings for today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/3636386820536664064 because that's every coder's dream-project. Today's #haskell solution does some stats on the generated random strings http://lpaste.net/652044497311498240
  • February 10th, 2016: You generate a set of 'random' numbers. The next set is very similar ... let's fix that for today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/4512472853710372864 Today's #haskell solution made rnd more rnd, because reasons http://lpaste.net/6036010844385443840
  • February 9th, 2016: We learn the past tense of the verb 'to see' is 'See(d),' 'saw(ed),' or 'sowed' http://lpaste.net/4776920810533158912 and we generate some random numbers. ICYMI that was the announcement for today's #haskell problem: it's a Big Generator. Yes. It is. (*groan Okay, I'll stop) (NEVER!)
    The #haskell solution has us
    shiftR to the Right ...
    movin' to the Left ...
    we are the voices of the
    Big Generator! http://lpaste.net/879893392832593920
  • February 8th, 2016: Creating a random seed from POSIX time for today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/2781359140864262144 En-split-ified POSIX time http://lpaste.net/8844075898622705664
  • February 5th, 2016: We tackle an Amino Acid CODON table for today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/6606149825735950336 suggested by a GATTACA-tweet by @randal_olson The Amino Acid table as a #graph #haskell-solution http://lpaste.net/9122099753146908672

  • February 4th, 2016: Today's #haskell problem has us create the cal (not Ripken) app http://lpaste.net/846188289084882944 Today's #haskell solution has us Rikpenin' dat Cal! http://lpaste.net/8386114973348134912
  • February 3rd, 2016: The Days of Our Lives (or at least of the year) for today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/6997792822417948672 These were the best days of our lives! / Back in the Summer of '69! http://lpaste.net/6823202028173393920
  • February 2nd, 2016: Dates and Days for today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/1501657254015795200 Date nuts and Grape nuts! ... no ... wait. http://lpaste.net/3546538887843151872
  • February 1st, 2016: Happy February, everyone! Today's #haskell problem: arrows, monads, comonads! http://lpaste.net/3387588436050313216
Problems and solutions prior to July, 2014 posted on github at https://github.com/1HaskellADay/1HAD/

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