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1HaskellADay: Up, up, and away!

I've taken it upon myself to submit problems, then show the solutions, for @1HaskellADay. I started this work on July 1st, 2014. So the next set of entries serve to collect what I've done, both problems and solutions, and, if a particular day posed a particularly interesting problem, that I solved, or, that I didn't solve, I'll capture that here, too.


The problems are free-form meditations based off, well, nowadays, whatever little puzzle strikes my fancy, ... and no, 'write a function to reverse the (order of the) elements of a list' isn't particularly fancy-striking to me these days.

October, 2014
  • October 1st, 2014, Wednesday: Pathways into Darkness http://lpaste.net/111444 Because Daerkness is the new Pink. Today's #haskell problem. ...AAAAAND we went there: Dark, Darkest, Darko! http://lpaste.net/111919 A solution to the #haskell grid-pathing problem using Data.Graph. FUN!
  • October 2nd, 2014, Thursday: Tweet, tweet! Summer Factorial! http://lpaste.net/111947 a #haskell 'sum'mer exercise for the Fall. From "Power set, HO!" to "Power Sets? NO!" http://lpaste.net/111982 A solution to today's longest factors-sum #haskell problem.
  • October 3rd, 2014, Friday: In which I get WHACKED by the Missus for today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/112005 (I've printed out the word-ladders in long form so you can give them to your Missus, thus to avoid enWHACKification! http://lpaste.net/112009) GROSS ('Get Rid Of Stupid wordS') club and goal-directed searches using Levenstein distances give us today's solution http://lpaste.net/112064
  • BONUS! puzzles for today: YOU get RICK ROLLED! http://lpaste.net/112006 Oh, yeah! I went there!

  • You can't kill the metal, unless you're Rick Rolled; solution to #haskell bonus problem at http://lpaste.net/112127

  • October 4th, 2014: Dear Dad, SEND + MORE = MONEY http://lpaste.net/112160 Today's #haskell problem. Problem SOLVED! (naively) ... for a small processing fee, ... ;) http://lpaste.net/112175
  • October 7th, 2014: An American Family http://lpaste.net/112220 Today's #haskell problem gives us the #Twilight lexicon... in a 'VERY' 'BRIEF' synopsis. #ontology 8 of 21 questions are answered against the #Twilight (extended) family tree http://lpaste.net/112307  My enthusiasm overcame my reasonableness.
  • BONUS #haskell problem for today! http://lpaste.net/112229 Renesmee's (doting) Aunts because EVERYONE dotes on Renesmee. By law. Do-it-to-it! "And Bella Swan lived Happily Ever After" ... and that's the whole point of the 4-book #twilight series. http://lpaste.net/112339 #ontology
  • October 8th, 2014: "A more clever approach than brute force is desirable" for today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/112310 (Me? Brute Force, All the WAY!) (Not so) Brutish pathing through triangular sums ... Commited Choice FTW! http://lpaste.net/112355 A solution to today's #haskell problem.
  • October 9th, 2014: Sugar and spice and everything nice (http://lpaste.net/111904): that's what today's #haskell problem from a logic puzzle from 1957 is made of. A long path to a solution to this day's engagement announcements #haskell problem, involving monoidal Frege logic. http://lpaste.net/112446
  • October 10th, 2014: "Oh, it's 4:42. No, it isn't, ... zzzz" Those kinds of conversations come up all the time in today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/112404 And the poor little matchstick boy went back to sleep in his warm, comfy bed, hot chocolate by his bedside http://lpaste.net/112461 a solution
  • BONUS! Okay, so you're saying liars ALWAYS lie and TruthTellers ALWAYS tell the truth. http://lpaste.net/112405 Wait ... even in Vegas? #Bonus In which we may learn about your sense of humo(u)r http://lpaste.net/112508 a solution using logic, meta-logic, and coercive logic. #ontology 
  • October 13th, 2014: In which we discover Columbus is Big in Japan ... no, wait: that's #ekmett. http://lpaste.net/112511 Today's #haskell problem. We solve this problem by WAY overusing the State Monad! http://lpaste.net/112537 ... Letter to a Young Haskell Enthusiast should have added: "Don't overused the State Monad!" I hear and obey the advice of ekmett!

  • What time is it? π-time? No. (But you were close ...) It's BONUS #haskell problem time! http://lpaste.net/112515 Go discover the New World! And, we discover, solving this bonus problem, that the New World was India (and not the ink), no matter what anyone else says, eh, Columbus? http://lpaste.net/112533
  • October 14th, 2014: We look at reciprocally-cycled decimal values of fractions in today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/112565 In which we discover that @geophf must read the problem statement carefully. A solution to today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/112592
  • October 15th, 2014: Today's #haskell problem: grid placement http://lpaste.net/112606. Or as Neo says: "Whoa."

  • October 16th, 2014: An ... 'intelligence' test http://lpaste.net/112694 for today's #haskell problem. Intelligence test: answered. http://lpaste.net/112759 I had to melt my brain to answer it, however, so that happened.
  • October 17th, 2014: Friedman day was yesterday, http://lpaste.net/112707 but it's today's #haskell problem. Bonus: Friedman proofs, no less! http://lpaste.net/112709 ... using Frege's logic ... but only if you want to ... The solution (including the bonus solution) for the Friedman-day problem posted at http://lpaste.net/112735  WITH FOR-LOOPS!
  • October 20th, 2014: O! Little Town of Milford! http://lpaste.net/112921 has a butcher, baker, and candlestick maker, but who is who? Today's #haskell problem. Okay, gag me with the sequence operator! BLEH! (I really should have gone relational calculus here! :/) A solution at http://lpaste.net/112954
  • October 21st, 2014: Se7en Little numbers ... okay, well, four of them, anyway, for today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/112972 Quantum nodes of scintillating thought http://lpaste.net/112996  A solution to today's #Haskell problem.

  • October 22nd, 2014: Word Numb3rs is today's #haskell puzzle (thanks to @BenVitale) 'AND' in your language of choice as you so choose. http://lpaste.net/113018 Hinglish-Vinglish is our response to this exercise.  http://lpaste.net/113045 "Fruitful." Yeah. Well, at least we got Data.Numeral.English http://lpaste.net/113037 out of it. SWEET!
  • October 23rd, 2014: Today's #haskell problem comes from http://projecteuler.net and is about ... well: Euler, himself! http://lpaste.net/113069 Well, if you wanted a list of writer monads, you could've just asked for a list of writer monads http://lpaste.net/113084 
  • October 24th, 2014: Even odds is our #haskell problem today, thanks to @BenVitale http://lpaste.net/113141

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