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1HaskellADay: Up, up, and away!

I've taken it upon myself to submit problems, then show the solutions, for @1HaskellADay. I started this work on July 1st, 2014. So the next set of entries serve to collect what I've done, both problems and solutions, and, if a particular day posed a particularly interesting problem, that I solved, or, that I didn't solve, I'll capture that here, too.


The problems are free-form meditations based off, well, nowadays, whatever little puzzle strikes my fancy, ... and no, 'write a function to reverse the (order of the) elements of a list' isn't particularly fancy-striking to me these days.
February 2015
  • February 27th, 2015: Let's put all our primes in a circle, shall we? http://lpaste.net/121154 Ah, how cute! Today's #haskell problem suggested by @jamestanton @bretthall defines a solution, with some analysis, at http://lpaste.net/121292
  • February 26th, 2015: Okay, check this! Today's #haskell problem is as easy as 1, 2, 3! http://lpaste.net/121250 An easy as π solution is posted at http://lpaste.net/121273 ... mmm! π! But is it apple π or ... raspberry π? #couldntresist
  • February 25th, 2015: I'd like moccha sprinkles on my double capicua, please. http://lpaste.net/121153 No. Wait. Today's #haskell problem suggested by a tweet from @OnThisDayinMath
  • February 24th, 2015: Not satisfied with a simple square-from-square problem @BenVitale takes it up a notch and asks us to cube dat square! http://lpaste.net/121060 We have one solution out of 20k squares posted at http://lpaste.net/121150 : [(39204,39304)]
  • February 23rd, 2015: I hereby christen this week a fun-with-numb3rs week, and start us off by learning that 'easierest' is a word, http://lpaste.net/121034, just like 'ginormous.' And the winner is...no, wait! Ladies and gentlemen, we have MULTIPLE winners! http://lpaste.net/121052 Good thing the solution isn't the Lotto No, wait. The problem statement wasn't read carefully by the solution-poster. I blame that wicked, wicked @geophf! Bad geophf! Bad! ;)
  • February 20th, 2015: It's a #Borderlands2 Truxican Standoff for you to resolve in today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/120819 The solution is simple really: just a projection into a monad category in order to do some monoidal deduction is all! http://lpaste.net/120916
  • February 19th, 2015: For today's #haskell problem we learn that 'AEKL' is a word in English http://lpaste.net/120775 (no, it's not, actually) A megalokaryocyte-solution is posted at http://lpaste.net/120816 (now, that's a common word ... NOT! ;)
  • February 18th, 2015: Instead of doing today's #haskell problem, let's go ice skating. No, let's do BOTH! http://lpaste.net/120722 Okay, a loquacious solution? garrulous? Yes. Once one cuts through all the attempts, it's a simple solution, too: http://lpaste.net/120873 ... and updated the solution with the monoidal guarantee-by-implication that the result is unique (instead of just hoping it is) #coercivelogic
  • February 17th, 2015: For today's #haskell problem we are asked to 'fix' our monetary problems (or the library, at least) http://lpaste.net/120630 Made Data.Monetary.USD a Fractional instance http://lpaste.net/109653 and eliminated floating point creep #haskell #money #precision 
  • February 16th, 2015: Getting a jump-start on the day with two really, really hard math problems for today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/120560 A solution in which we learn a baseball costs a nickel ... IN WHICH CENTURY? http://lpaste.net/120560
  • February 13th, 2015: Today's SCARY #haskell problem comes by way of @OnThisDayinMath http://lpaste.net/120422 Tonight's late-night movie, Friday the 13th, part III http://lpaste.net/120466 as the solution to today's #haskell problem.
  • February 12th, 2015: Gurer ner gvzrf jura ... yeah. That. http://lpaste.net/120388 Today's #haskell problem, thanks to @KenKenPuzzle The solution shows us that it's INTENSE unscrambling words http://lpaste.net/120407
  • February 11th, 2015: Change adds up quickly in today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/120320 So, but ... does that mean programming is like ... maths? Nah! http://lpaste.net/120333 A solution to today's #haskell problem
  • February 10th, 2015: The price of a letter (or of all letters of the alphabet) http://lpaste.net/120236 is the question for today's haskell problem. In the solution we learn the geophfmeister is down-low on the B.I.G. 323, yo! http://lpaste.net/120294
  • February 9th, 2015: 'Oh, no!' ... just another Manic Monday ... AND today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/120196 Oh, noes! Mr. Bill! http://lpaste.net/120208 A solution to the oh, no!-problem.
  • February 6th, 2015: It's Friday! Friday! Hava #haskell problem on Friday! Fun-fun-fun! Lookin' forward to the weekend! http://lpaste.net/120087 Groovin' to a Rebecca Black solution at http://lpaste.net/120095
  • February 5th, 2015: Triangles and Squares as numbers http://lpaste.net/120037 for today's Haskell problem. A Triangulated-squares solution is provided by @bretthall at http://lpaste.net/120040
  • February 4th, 2015: Three birds in the hand is better than today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/119926 an ornithologist's delight inspired by @KenKenPuzzle. The solution, using MultiMaps, PartitionedSets, and Arrows is (@geophf-obviously) "WOOT! WOOT! WOOT!" http://lpaste.net/120065
  • February 3rd, 2015: We entertain a foolish attempt at a #haskell problem, and then we get serious with six sewing seamstresses http://lpaste.net/119867 A silly seamstress solution is posted at http://lpaste.net/119888 
  • February 2nd, 2015: Today's #haskell exercise is all about the #SuperBowl! (No, it's not, but that makes for good copy), or 110, 210, ... http://lpaste.net/119791 The moral (and solution) to this story is: Don't eat cheerios seasoned with basil. http://lpaste.net/119823 Or something like that. Inspired by @bretthall solution, I expanded to include last-3-of-4 digits for solutions to bases 4,5,6 @jamestanton


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