Saturday, July 12, 2014

1HaskellADay: Up, up, and away!

I've taken it upon myself to submit problems, then show the solutions, for @1HaskellADay. I started this work on July 1st, 2014. So the next set of entries serve to collect what I've done, both problems and solutions, and, if a particular day posed a particularly interesting problem, that I solved, or, that I didn't solve, I'll capture that here, too.


The problems are free-form meditations based off, well, nowadays, whatever little puzzle strikes my fancy, ... and no, 'write a function to reverse the (order of the) elements of a list' isn't particularly fancy-striking to me these days.
December 2014
  • December 23rd, 2014: Yesterday was about the zeroes, today's haskell problem is about the squares http://lpaste.net/116990
  • December 22nd, 2014: In which we want to have the most zeros. Fancy that! http://lpaste.net/116932 (I guess we're not playing Dodgeball, then!)
  • December 19th, 2014: A question for today's #haskell problem: how do YOU clear a Writer monad's log? http://lpaste.net/116849
  • December 18th, 2014: Why can't you spell 'PROTEIN' with proteins? lpaste.net/116723 The solution for this problem is to Eat your proteins, young man! lpaste.net/116808
  • December 17th, 2014: In which we find out that Mendel was into the Domme-scene for today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/116683 Whether hetero- or homo- a zygous is still a zygous... whatever that is. A solution to today's #haskell-zygous problem is posted at http://lpaste.net/116711
  • December 16th, 2014: All actors should relate to today's #haskell problem; it's all about H-A-M-M! http://lpaste.net/116578 Go HAMM it up; #Rosalind will love you. And the solution is so HAMMy! http://lpaste.net/116585
  • December 15th, 2014: Wanna Date? In which Jane Austen writes today's #haskell problem in her modern book titled: "The Hook Up" http://lpaste.net/116486 aka Pride and Prejudice. To get to our solution space, first we have to write an l-expr scanner/parser, of course. http://lpaste.net/116558
  • December 12th, 2014: In this case 'GC' does NOT mean 'garbage collection' for today's #rosalind #haskell problem lpaste.net/116305. Yeah, not garbage-collected, but a solution, nonetheless http://lpaste.net/116335 
  • December 11th, 2014: Why ... you ... wascally wabbit! Today's #haskell problem has a solution multiplying like Fibonaccis! http://lpaste.net/116216 I mean: rabbits. And speaking of rabid rabbits http://lpaste.net/116303, the solution is there. BLARGH! 
  • December 10th, 2014: "Hello, Strand, you're looking lovely in that dress!" Complimenting DNA for today's #haskell problem. http://lpaste.net/116147 No, wait: 'comPLEmenting' a strand of DNA. Sorry, Miss Rosalind! A nicely complimented solution to the DNA-complement problem posted at http://lpaste.net/116151
  • December 9th, 2014: I think this is my week with dear Rosalind: DNA-to-RNA transcriber for today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/116068 Another #TweetedHaskellSolution posted to http://lpaste.net/116071 for today's DNA-to-RNA transcriber
  • December 8th, 2014: Rosalind, dear Rosalie, wherefore art thou givest me bioinformatic puzzles to solve, counting nucleotides? http://lpaste.net/115961 #haskell Nucleotide-counter, HO! A nucleotide-counting solution is posted at http://lpaste.net/116011 
  • December 5th, 2014: This visit to Liar's-berg (or is it Truth-town?) we encounter only two women, so this should be 2x as easy to solve http://lpaste.net/114437 By coercion, we find that we are in Liarsberg, after all: http://lpaste.net/115769
  • December 4th, 2014: Gadzooks! It's (past) that time of day again for the daily #haskell problem. Here: eat some glow worms! http://lpaste.net/114435
  • December 3rd, 2014: Substantive citizens (with some substantive hints, for a change) for today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/114438
  • December 2nd, 2014: There are some curious fractions to find from projecteuler.net for today's #haskell problem at http://lpaste.net/114208 A solution to this curious fraction problem is posted at lpaste.net/114209
  • December 1st, 2014: Today's Haskell problem is all about lambda-terms. It has NOTHING to do with for-loops and if-statements, ... NOT ONE BIT http://lpaste.net/115420 Solution: lpaste.net/115452 

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