Saturday, August 2, 2008

Apologies for late Spring cleaning

It was pointed out to me that the colour cyan is difficult to read against a white background; my syntax highlighter outputs Haskell keywords as cyan, so I understand that reading the code here can be bothersome. So, I'm in the process of converting the cyan to a darker colour (which first involved me converting every <font color='cyan'> to <font color='#00c8c8'>, but then, part way through that process, I moved all font metadata to the stylesheet and now simply mark code, keywords and data types with appropriate metadata tags).

A bit of a long-winded apology for what you may see as several (and repeated) repostings from this blog.

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Twan van Laarhoven said...

The Planet Haskell stylesheet ( defines several classes for syntax highlighting. If you use those your code will also be correctly highlighted when read from there.