Friday, August 29, 2008

Earning ⊥-Trophies

I recall a quote stating that a person learns Haskell by reinventing the standard library. I'm still learning Haskell. Marvel Comics would give out a "No Prize" to each intrepid reader who noted discrepancies of plot or character. In that spirit, and in the spirit of functional/logical programming of my blog, I'll happily award ⊥-trophies to readers who point out improvements to my definitions that elicits a facepalm reaction (so, yes, this is a highly subjective award), and add the reader's id as well as the function I've unintentionally redefined (or the equivalent) to a "Hall of Fame" gadget adorning this blog (if you prefer to abstain from the recognition, that's fine, too).

As this ⊥-trophy set is part of the νούςσφαίρα, there's no limitations: one person can receive several of these things, with my gratitude to the earner for giving me a piece of knowledge on how to be a better programmer.

The ⊥-trophy-winners so far (this will surely be a growing list) are, most recent first:
  • meteficha: takeWhile
  • dmwit: join
  • matti: ap
  • ryani: v
  • david: u
  • edward kmett: Monoid
  • Daniel Lyons: Arrow
Mentor ⊥-trophy-winners:
  • sigfpe
  • Dirk Thierbach
  • Wouter Swierstra
Honorary mentions (nice, but I'm not going use them for philosophical or stylistic reasons):
  • meteficha: liftM2
  • ryani: unsafeCoerce
The ⊥-trophies up for grabs:
  • comonadic scanner-parser that simplifies the StateT implementation
  • shows for DList
  • A good working (useful) example from the scan-family of functions, yes, I've been thinking about scanning/parsing recently, but, of course, any amazing little thing is up for grabs to earn oneself a ⊥-trophy.

And, now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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