Saturday, August 2, 2008

Legal Disclaimer


"I", "me", "my", "mine", the author, geophf, aka Douglas M. Auclair
"You", "your", the reader, user, coder, redistributor, referencer. Some non-exhaustive examples of "You" include, J. Random Coder, J. Random Corporation, J. Random Defense Agency, J. Random Financial Institute, J. Random Blog, J. Random for-profit corporation/LLC, J. Random Sovereignty, or ... just as examples.
"This blog",, its content and entries originating from me.


The words of this blog,, are freely available to be read, to be commented on, to be referenced, or to be copied. I, the author, would like attribution, either to this site (an URL as reference is appropriate) or to the author, geophf, aka Douglas M. Auclair, but do not require it. I would also like to know if you find the topics discussed here useful, by either leaving a comment on this blog in the standard fashion, or by sending me an email at the scrambled email address of Descramble in the standard way.

The code in this blog is also free and freely available for commercial, noncommercial, academic or non-academic (if you happen to be a maraudering visigoth coder) use. Attribute is requested as above, but not required. Notification, as above, is also requested, but not required.

Limitation of Liability:

Note that, although the code and words are free and freely available for use and redistribute, no guarantee is made for any word or code sample published here. Some non-comprehensive examples include the following: if you use this code in a missile guidance system, and that missile falls in a populated area of friendly forces and civilians, I, my words, and my code are not to be held responsible for the resulting damage to life and to property. Or, if you implement systems published in this blog in a clustered system, and that system becomes self-aware, like Cyberdyne or the Matrix, and decides either to wipe humanity off the face of the Earth by triggering an all-out global thermonuclear war or by constructing power plants composed of the now-enslaved human population, I, my words and my code are not to be held responsible for the loss of life, freedom or property. Or, if you use this code or the ideas explored here in a Mars rover, and it offends the space alien natives, and the descend in force, 'War of the Worlds'-style, I, my words, and my code are not to be held responsible for the resulting loss of life and damage to property. Or, if you implement this system in a new Qbit supercomputer, and it results in either a singularly, sucking up the world Donnie Darko-style, or it results in a readjustment of space-type causing a complete quantum collapse of the universe, then I, my words, and my code are not to be held responsible for the early onset of the rapture. The examples enumerated above serve only to illustrate that I, my words and my code may be used but any and all damage resulting from such use, no matter how small or how catastrophic, may not be held responsible for that damage, legally, financially, or otherwise.

Exemption from obligation:

Conversely, should you use this code, or the words of this blog, and the use results in making, earning or saving money, property or life, such as, non-exhaustively, making profit in the stock market, or gaining a strategic or tactical advantage on the battlefield, or locating 3 missing teenagers, or saving 150 sailor's lives at sea, or seizing 26 million USD-worth of illegal narcotics per month, you are under no obligation to recompense me for profits or property gained or seized, lives saved, or other benefits merited. If possible and desired, I would like attribution in the code or words used and notification of the positive result of said use, but I also understand whims of corporate and personal desires as well as restrictions of non-disclosure agreements and concerns of national/world security, so attribution and notification are desired, as above, but not required. The examples above illustrating exemption from your obligation are neither exhaustive, meaning any gain is covered in this exemption clause, nor are they meant to illustrate implied or real events that have occurred in the past, present or future: I make no claim as the efficacy of me, my words, or my code in any of the above illustrations, nor do I make a claim that the above illustrations are based on any past, present or future events that may or may not have occurred.

Of course, I will not be uncivil, either. And gratuities are gratefully accepted (but, as per above, neither required nor expected). If, in gratitude, you do wish to recompense me for beneficial use of my words or code, please contact me at (scrambled) to discuss methods of renumeration.


This license is put into effect for all entries posted by me. All comments by me are also covered by this license. Comments published by others are at the risk of the originators: I bear no risk nor liability of words published by others on this blog. This license is put into effect immediately, August 2, 2008, and covers all entries from the first entry ("Trivial Monad solutions" dated May 14, 2008) to all entries and content following it until such time that it may be superseded by a new license from me.